Organizations Focused on Indigenous Peoples’ Health and Rights

Arizona Native Net

Center for World Indigenous Studies

Cultural Survival

Echoes: The Earth as Mother

Global Policy: Indigenous Peoples Emerging States & Claims to Autonomy and Independence

Indigenous Environmental Network

Indigenous Peoples Biodiversity Information Network

Indigenous People’s Council on Biocolonialism

Indigenous Peoples’ Restoration Network

Indigenous Peoples Survival Foundation

Indigenous Peoples Task Force

International Indian Treaty Council

Inter Tribal Council of Arizona

International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs

McGill Centre for Indigenous Nutrition and Environment

National Commission on Indigenous Peoples

Native American Cancer Research Partnership

Native Movement

Northwest Portland Indian Health Board

Pimatisiwin: A Journal of Indigenous and Aboriginal Community Health

Tebtebba: Working for the Recognition and Protection of Indigenous People’s Rights

Underrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

This list is illustrative and not intended to be complete or comprehensive.

Links to other websites do not imply an endorsement of the materials disseminated  by publishers at those websites, nor does the existence of a link to another site imply that the organization or person publishing at that site endorses any of the materials at this site. William Wiist and Oxford University Press are not responsible for the materials  contained at any website linked to from this site.


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