Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1 “The Corporation: An Overview of What It Is, Its Tactics, and What Public Health Can Do” William H. Wiist

Chapter 2 “Corporations, Public Health and the Historical Landscape that Defines Our Challenge” Shelley K. White

Part II: Corporate Tactics

Chapter 3 “Limited Liability and the Public’s Health” Lainie Rutkow and Stephen P. Taret

Chapter 4 “Public Relations and Advertising” Diane Farsetta

Chapter 5 “Lobbying, the Revolving Door, and Campaign Contributions: The Center for Responsive Politics” William H. Wiist

Chapter 6 “The Tobacco Industry” Ruth E. Malone

Chapter 7 “The Pharmaceutical Industry, Disease Industry:  A Prescription for Illness and Death” David Egilman & Emily Ardolino

Chapter 8 “Motor Vehicle Industry” Leon S. Robertson

Chapter 9 “Alcohol Industry Interests, Global Trade Agreements and Their Impact on Public Health” Donald Zeigler

Chapter 10 “Food and Agriculture Industry” Judith A. Pojda

Part III: Tactics to Counter the Corporation

Chapter 11 “Using Charters to Redesign Corporations in the Public Interest” Charlie Cray

Chapter 12 “A New Democracy in Action” Mari Margil

Chapter 13 “Legal Strategies: You Are What They Say You Are Eating” Stephen Gardner & Katherine A. Campbell

Chapter 14 “Anti-corporate Social Movements: A Global Phenomenon” Thomas E. Mertes

Chapter 15 “Labor Movement Strategies to Address Corporate Globalization” Jane Lethbridge

Chapter 16 “Campaigns to Change Health-Damaging Corporate Practices” Nicholas Freudenberg

Chapter 17 “Public Health Infrastructure: Toward a Blueprint for Change” Rene Jahiel

Chapter 18 “Indigenous Peoples’ Movements” Raymundo D. Rovillos

Chapter 19 “The New Politics of Consumption: Promoting Sustainability in the American Market Place” Maurie J. Cohen, Aaron Comrov, & Brian Hoffner

Chapter 20 “Spiritual Activism and Liberation Spirituality: Pathways To Collective Liberation” Claudia Horwitz and Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey



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